SenseAdventure in Tres Rios Natural Park: 23 years of emotions and unforgettable experiences

SenseAdventure in Tres Rios Natural Park

Celebrating its 23rd anniversary on April 2nd, SenseAdventure continues to enchant Sunset World Group members and guests in the magical setting of Tres Rios Natural Park.This sensory journey, conceived and led by passionate guide Gerardo Mago, immerses participants in an enchanted world where the connection with nature acquires a unique perspective that awakens emotions from the deepest part of the human essence.

SenseAdventure is constantly evolving to offer an experience that is always new and in tune with current trends: participants explore their senses in an innovative way, with their eyes closed, surrendering to touch, smell, taste and hearing: the murmur of seeds, the coolness of water, the warmth of fire, the scent of flowers and the roughness of rocks.

This fascinating sensory journey takes place in a controlled environment within the impressive Tres Rios Natural Park, surrounded by jungle, cenotes, rivers and a variety of flora and fauna.Gerardo Mago, SenseAdventure guide, shares: “SenseAdventure is a jewel that I have been polishing over the years” “…because it is a journey of acceptance and adaptation that strengthens our connection with nature, something essential today,” he concludes.

Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Tres Rios Natural Park encompasses 132 hectares of well-preserved rainforest, where three freshwater rivers converge, ten cenotes emerge, and more than 90 species of animals and 120 species of plants live.A natural treasure governed by strict environmental standards and committed to sustainable tourism, Tres Rios is an example of balanced development on private property.

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