1 January

28th Anniversary
Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club

Happy anniversary Sunset Marina!

6 January

The Three Wise Men Day

Celebrate de magic with us!

21 January

Day of the Mariachi

Discover the magic and joy that traditional Mexican music brings. Join the party.

2 February

The Day of “La Candelaria”

Enchanting celebration of unity, culture, and tradition.

11 February

Super Bowl

Enjoy the excitement of with us!

14 February

Saint Valentine’s Day

Let’s celebrate together love in all its forms, the key to happiness.

23 February


Discover the magic of the carnival, and experience a unique and fun-filled event full of color, music, and fun!

8 February

International Women’s Day

Celebrating victories

17 March

Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

20 March

25th Anniversary – Sunset Fishermen

Happy anniversary Sunset Fishermen!

23 March

Earth Hour

Give.a break to the Earth

25 March

Holy Week

Visit Sunset World during Holy Week!

31 March


Have an eggcellent Easter!

2 April

23rd Anniversary – Sense Adventure

A meeting with your senses. Congratulations!

5 April

Folklore Music Fest


30 April

International Jazz Day

Play that jazz for me!

5 May

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Puebla, 1862, the Homeland defense.

10 May

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

28 May

International Hamburger Day

International Hamburger Day

28 May

22nd Anniversary – Sunset Admiral Yacht Club & Marina

22 years sailing the Mexcan Caribbean!

8 June

Global Wellness Day

A healthy mind in a healthy body!

16 June

Father’s Day

Happy day Dad!

1 July

World Reggae Day

Don’t worry about a thing…

4 July

US Independence Day

Happy Independence Day USA!

22 July

Member Fest

Let us pamper you! – EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

24 July

International Tequila Day


4 August

International Beer Day


10 August

17th Anniversary – Ocean Spa

Happy anniversary Ocean Spa!

15 August

World Relaxation Day

Take a break!

6 September

Mexico Fashion Show

The best trends in their natural scenery – EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

12 September

Mexican Patriotic Holidays

¡Viva México!

17 September

International Beach Cleanup Day

The beach is not a trash can!

6 October

Oktober Fest


27 October

Champagne Day

Chin, chin!

29 October

30th Anniversary – Sunset Royal Beach

Happy anniversary Sunset Royal!

31 October


Trick or treat!

2 November

Day of the Dead

We welcome them with flowers!

14 November

15th Anniversary – Hacienda Tres Ríos

Happy anniversary Hacienda Tres Ríos!

16 November

International Flamenco Day

Flamenco shouts what in the soul is silent…

24 November

Thanksgiving Day

A day to be thankful and celebrate!

12 December

Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Am I not here, who am your Mother?

13 December

Boat Fest

Lets celebrate on a yacht! – EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

23 December

Christmas and New Year Program

Happy Holidays!

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