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The Best Jazz Festival in Mexico in the Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen may not offer the traditional cultural attractions of museums and historical buildings, but it more than compensates with an array of vibrant events and festivals. One such remarkable event is the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, which draws in an impressive crowd of over 10,000 attendees every night. Undoubtedly, it ranks among the most sought-after and cherished gatherings in the region.

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Mexican Day of the Dead

The holiday has its origins in Indigenous cultures dating back thousands of years, particularly influenced by the Aztec or Mexica people.

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The Top 10 Best Beer Festivals in Mexico

International Beer Day has been celebrated annually since 2007 on the first Friday of August to enjoy humanity’s common taste for this beverage, as well as to appreciate the culture and history of beer around the world.

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Listen to the song “Peaches” in Mayan

Enjoy this adaptation of the popular song “Peaches”, from the animated movie Super Mario Bros. The interpreter is Professor José Manuel Poot Cahun, promoter of the Mayan language and culture in Quintana Roo. Find more information in our Present section.

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Discover one of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Tulum

Paraíso Beach is an extensive and beautiful white sand beach, located a few kilometers south of the archaeological site of Tulum and is perfect for enjoying a relaxing day at the beach with the family, your significant other or friends.

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