Discovering the Healthy Benefits of the Ocean

Health Benefits

Sea Water

Seawater is a water solution that contains on average 3.5% dissolved mineral salts, although the concentration varies depending on the area of the planet we are talking about and the depth at which it is located. The ocean being where life originated, water is fundamental in the vital processes of living beings, and it is not surprising that its consumption has positive effects on our health.

Health Benefits

At the end of the 19th century, the French researcher René Quinton discovered that the composition of blood is very similar to that of sea water and that many diseases are the manifestation of an imbalance in the amount of its compounds. Later, together with Doctor Jarricot, he founded the “Marine Dispensaries,” centers in which sea water was used to cure various diseases. Nowadays many doctors recommend the consumption of sea water diluted in pure water, no more than 50 ml per liter, to treat various health conditions.

Benefits for the skin: Applied directly, sea water helps heal wounds quickly, and is also recommended to control psoriasis and acne.

Benefits for the digestive system: Consumption of sea water diluted in pure water helps to digest food better, hydrates better and faster than purified water, helps the absorption of nutrients including the elements of sea water itself that are essential in the blood.

Benefits for the respiratory system: Consuming sea water nasally in the form of a spray helps cleanse the nasal passages, throat and lungs of mucus and bacteria.

Benefits for the cardiovascular system: Consumption of sea water diluted in pure water helps regulate blood pressure, detoxifies the blood and helps cells develop their functions optimally.

Benefits for the nervous system: Water is an electrical conductor therefore it helps our nervous system to function properly. In addition, sea water specifically, contains essential elements such as magnesium that helps us avoid anxiety or nervousness. It also helps regulate sleep.

Finally, sea water increases the hardness of bones. Salt deficiency in the body is one of the main causes of osteoporosis.

Health Benefits

Sea Water in the Kitchen

Using sea water for cooking not only helps food retain its nutritional properties to a greater extent, but also provides its own essential components.
Using sea water speeds up the thawing process and maintains the freshness of the food as it preserves its hydration.
The recommended sea water use ratio when cooking fish and seafood is 100%, pasta and rice 30%, vegetables 35%, meats 45%.
Before consuming seawater make sure it is previously sterilized. If you have any questions, consult a health professional.