Sunset World Resorts Joins the “Making Foam” Campaign

Sunset World Resorts the “Making Foam” Campaign

Adhering to its strong commitment to social responsibility and the ecology, Sunset World joined the “Making Foam” campaign with Renovarse Foundation, which aims to donate partially used bars of soap to our most vulnerable population to help them reduce the spread of diseases related to the lack of adequate hygiene conditions.

This campaign encourages large hotel chains to donate the bars of soap that guests do not use up completely during their stay in order to support our vulnerable population that do not have easy access to this product, thus preventing the bars of soap from ending up in the garbage and contaminating the soil.

Renovarse foundation collects the bars of soap from the hotels, later they clean them by removing the outer layer, mixing them with a sterilizing solution and processing them to form new soap bars. Once ready, the foundation donates them to communities and gives training on the importance of hand washing and hygiene in the preservation of health.