March 3rd is World Wildlife Day: Connecting People and Planet

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In recent years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, so much so that we have integrated it into our daily lives. Technological innovation not only helps us in our daily lives, it also helps us to conserve the wonders of nature. Currently, we can use applications such as Naturalista, which allows us to identify species of flora and fauna in seconds; there are also drones that help cover large areas to identify their location, resulting in the preservation of wildlife. Let’s use technology to strengthen our connection with nature! Wildlife survival depends on all of us.

Why is this date celebrated?

This date is important because of the need to protect our wild species from excessive international trade. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is one of the most powerful global strategies for conserving biodiversity by regulating the trade of wild fauna and flora in the world.

Importance of Wildlife

Our planet Earth lives through wild animals and plants, and we humans depend on the essential products and services provided by nature. Mother Earth provides us with food, fuel, medicine, shelter, clothing, and much more. Without nature, our existence would not be possible; hence the importance of caring for the environment. In recent years, there has been an increase in pollution and destruction of nature, which threatens our own well-being. Sometimes we forget that we are connected to nature; if we have a healthy environment, there is health in the other species and in human beings.

Health Benefits

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is vital, and we must all join the fight to end the illegal trade and exploitation of our species. From UN agencies to the private sector, philanthropic organizations and NGOs, everyone has an important role to play. It is time to change our relationship with nature and work together to conserve it. We are all guardians of this natural wealth!

Major threats to wildlife

The threats to wildlife are increasingly evident and alarming. Poaching, overfishing, illegal trade in species, and climate change are just some of the causes contributing to the imbalance on our planet. In addition, overexploitation of natural resources, indiscriminate deforestation and the disappearance of ecosystems have exacerbated the situation. Unfortunately, some threats have become reality and humanity has witnessed the extinction of various species, while others are at high risk.

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Endangered species

Endangered species tell a story of struggle and survival. Sea turtles, for example, travel thousands of miles across the oceans, facing challenges such as marine pollution and loss of coastal habitat. Their survival is critical to maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems. Or mangroves, the marine forests that line coastlines and are home to unique biodiversity. However, deforestation, pollution and continuous development are threatening these vital areas and endangering the existence of species that depend on these habitats.

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