Bees: Vital to Ecosystems

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Bees: Vital to Ecosystems

These little insects are so important that the United Nations declared May 20 World Bee Day, a day intended to raise awareness about the importance of these pollinators.


What I love about Hacienda Tres Rios Resort… – Exclusive only to guests which means its safe. – Very clean and well maintained. – Excellent variety of food – Tons of amazing activities and shows for all ages. – Most of all superb customer service. Super friendly, hardworking staff members. Shout out to funniest & cool guys – Diego, Leo and Hiram. My kids enjoyed all the activities and tours because of you. They really enjoyed snorkeling in the Cenote. Thank you very much for all the fun memories Hacienda Tres Rios team!!!

Mar, 2020 – Chuckie – Member

Our México

When the time comes

When the time comes, Mexico and its wonders will be ready to welcome you back and surprise you once again.


Beautiful Cancun beach makes this a perfect spot for beach lovers! Spectacular sunrises greet early risers with many rooms having a great view of this daily phenomenon. We bought into this place 25 years ago because of the ocean views and we have continued making our annual winter Mexico vacation to the Sunset Royal Beach Resort.

Mar 21, 2020 – TimeShareTravelers – Member

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