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Mexico, A World in Itself

 Visiting Mexico like visiting many countries at the same time. Just a few steps from its beaches visitors can find cities full of fascinating history and architecture, villages offering unique flavors and colors and festivals celebrating history and tradition. Mexico never runs out of magic and always finds new way to enchant its visitors.


Hacienda Tres Rios is a perfect place to getaway. We have visited 5 times and we will return again. The staff is what makes this resort top notch. They go over and beyond to make your experience a lasting one. Love It!!!

Jun 30, 2019 – Mysonzane – Member


This past week we had the pleasure of visiting Sunset Marina and Yacht Club in Cancun. While the location, food and staff were all outstanding, our entire family was super impressed and taken with bother the organization and multitude of family fun this particular resort provided. We had so many daily activities and shows and parties and kid participation events, both the adults and children were entertained all day, every day. We would definitely credit the Activities director Israel with this feat, as he not only provided each guest an array of options for entertainment, he took special care to learn the children’s names, make every guest feel welcome and even made sure every one of the adults and children either participated in dancing or cooking or bingo and all got an unique experience or won a prize ( in the children’s case). We as a family know resort activities are essential to a successful all inclusive stay anywhere in the world and we valued the professionalism and enthusiasm with which he took his position at the resort so personal, it created such a wonderful environment and made sure to seal our love for both this resort and the country of Mexico! Bravo Israel, family vacation success!

Jun 24, 2019 – Sa_Mickey1981 – Member

SOS: Traveler in Danger

Green World

SOS: Traveler in Danger

Mexico is home for marine turtles. Of the seven species that exist in the world, six nest on Mexico’s coasts, four of them in the Mexican Caribbean.


This is the man you need to meet. Rapheal on the beach will set you up with everything you need. We sat on the beach and he organized everything for us (spa, dinner, champagne). He also will clean your sunglasses better than you ever thought possible… trust me after the brutal waves you will need this. He also brings out frozen grapes in the afternoon for a little cool down in between tequila shots and piña coladas. We didn’t have to lift a finger or get up from the beach once- he did it all. Made our trip so much enjoyable not having to stress about planning all the activities- he took care of it all.

Jun 20, 2019 – dowlingb86 – Member

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