Trash the Dress Photo Shoot in the Riviera Maya

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Trash the Dress Photo Shoot in the Riviera Maya

What is a Trash the Dress photo shoot? Brides search for the perfect wedding dress because they want to look amazing on their wedding day. It’s a tiny bit disappointing that after all that searching, they only get to wear the dress once. Well now there is a second chance to wear that perfect wedding […]

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Tikin Xiik’ Fish: A Delicacy From Isla Mujeres

 El Tikin Xiik’ Asado – Video (Cine Janal) Tikin Xiik’ (or Tikin Xic) is a traditional dish of Yucatecan cuisine, but some consider it to be originally from Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo. Its name derives from the Mayan “Tikin” which means dry thing, and “Xiik´” that means wing or fin, and refers to […]

La Historia Detrás de 30 Años de Éxito Continúa…

Sunset Today

The Story Behind 30 Years of Success Continues…

We are back on our journey through Sunset World’s history. In this special publication we will go back when Sunset Royal, its first hotel in Cancun underwent its first renovation, and we will go back to the moment when one of Sunset World’s most important events was born, the Hacienda Tres Ríos Triathlon, which would […]


We spent our silver wedding anniversary at the Sunset Marina in Cancun for 5 days. We love the resort! Although it is facing the lagoon, it didn’t matter to us! We had fun mingling with the activity staff “Brenda and Katia”, Daniella from the bar station, Enrique and Francisco, the chef from ilforno, the Vela restaurant- so good!!!! The staff here are attentive with the guests, always checking if we need drinks or anything whether outdoor or indoor! Highly recommended if you want tranquility, warm and attentive staff!!!!

Sep 7, 2022 – Flavia Antonella Member

Cozumel: Sede de la Primera Cumbre Mundial de Tendencias del Turismo


Cozumel: Setting for the First World Tourism Trends Summit

The unparalleled views of Cozumel Island in Quintana Roo, Mexico, hosted the first edition of the World Tourism Trends Summit (WTTS). This event arose from the need to keep tourist destinations at the forefront of technology, since as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry had to innovate in order to respond to […]

Ports of Quintana Roo United Against Plastic

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Ports of Quintana Roo United Against Plastic

The issue of plastic in the oceans requires action, and as part of the strong commitment of The state of Quintana Roo with the conservation of its ecosystems, the ports of this coastal state of Mexico intend to join the project “Caribe Circular, Prevention of Plastic Waste in the Seas of Central America and the […]


A perfect SPOT ON renewal vacation for me. NO, this is not the FOUR SEASONS, nor a PARTY HEARTY destination, but if you READ what IT IS, and your seeking a wonderful destination filled with fine amenities, wonderful activities… cenote snorkeling, kayaking, beautiful crystal blue rivers leading to the ocean, interesting wildlife present throughout, exploring walks and bike paths through mangrove jungle, lovely pools, impeccable grounds, immaculate rooms, outrageously polite and attentive staff… all in an environment where people of all ages seemed to equally be enjoying themselves, then this is THE place. Amenities I did not use/partake in could bring your time here to a whole new level…. two spas with elaborate service menus, plus a gym. I had enough to do and enjoy that I did not partake in those this visit. They also offer a Temezcal experience I regret was not able to schedule as it was booked solid. It would have been nice if they offered that more than once weekly. If you go and are interested, be sure to book that immediately upon arrival. Cafe Las Isle, main dining for breakfast and lunch offered terrific array of fresh fruits, veggies, assorted salads, breads, pastries, juices… all top notch for the health conscious. Nice array of hot dishes although some were a bit bland surprisingly and quality of meat products are not exactly what I had hoped for. For finer dining, evening meals can be had at several restaurants including Alebrije, fabulous authentic first rate local Mexican cuisine in a colorful, artsy setting. Absolute first rate! Hacienda Grill offered very nice salads and grilled dishes, salads again being the winner… entrees hit or miss. I had shrimp one nite and it was great. “Char grilled” flank steak was sorrily a disappointment… I’m thinking they don’t have access to the quality cuts of meat many of us are accustomed to. But service and other dishes made up for any shortfall. Il Forno was nice for a quick afternoon pizza snack but not very authentic. One simple improvement would be for them to keep the pizza in the ovens a bit longer to darken and crisp the crust. I did NOT try the other two finer dining restaurants so I cannot comment. They have an Asian and an Italian restaurant options They have 2 pools, one family and the other strictly adults. Pool activities and entertainment were great, an ideal mix, just the right music, plus pool bar and snacks. GREAT!

Sep 10, 2022 – kathy S Member

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