The Story Behind 30 Years of Success Continues…

La Historia Detrás de 30 Años de Éxito Continúa…

We are back on our journey through Sunset World’s history. In this special publication we will go back when Sunset Royal, its first hotel in Cancun underwent its first renovation, and we will go back to the moment when one of Sunset World’s most important events was born, the Hacienda Tres Ríos Triathlon, which would eventually become a tradition in the Riviera Maya.

Sunset Royal Hotel in Cancun Renovates

In 2010, 18 years after building Sunset Royal, its first beachfront hotel in Cancun, and with the objective of providing its members and guests with more and better experiences, the hotel began a series of important renovations. Following a major investment, part of the facilities was renovated and the Sky Lounge was built. This venue is located on the eighth floor which provides an unparalleled view of the Caribbean Sea and Cancun’s Nichupte lagoon, and it is the place where exclusive events for members are held, from cocktails to themed dining.

The Hacienda Tres Rios Triathlon Was Born

That same year Sunset World went through another turning point in its history as Hacienda Tres Rios Triathlon was held for the first time, a sporting event that promoted family reunion and physical activity in contact with nature. The triathlon featured several categories in which experienced athletes and children could take place in the three sports: swimming, cycling and running.

The circuit was held in the Tres Rios Nature Park within the facilities of Hacienda Tres Rios hotel in the Riviera Maya, among beautiful jungle trails and a crystal-clear river.
The Hacienda Tres Rios Triathlon was held for ten years, leaving a fond memory in the families and athletes that were part of it. Its tenth and last edition took place in 2022…

This story is not over yet, and we want you to be part of it. Follow us to learn more about Sunset World’s history, and discover the experiences that Sunset World hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya have for you.