Best Mexico Vacation


My husband and I ventured to Sunset Fishermen in Playa del Carmen for 7 days October 23-30, 2021. We had an amazing time. We were worried when we first arrived, because the resort is smaller than other resorts we had visited. However, in the end this was our favorite aspect. A smaller resort makes for a more personal experience. We got to know the staff and plenty of other guests. The restaurant offers different cuisines each night. An easy walk to town town along the beach or on the street felt very safe. You can also take a $7 USD ($14 roundtrip) taxi to town if you prefer. One day we took the ferry to Cozumel. We will probably not do that again. Playa del Carmen and the resort offered the same if not more than Cozumel. The staff were so nice and helped us every step of the way on this trip. We were able to utilize a concierge nurse that came to our room for covid testing. It took less than 30 minutes for both of us to be tested and get the results the day before we flew out of town. Absolutely fantastic. We will be back and hopefully get to stay longer since we both work remotely. The beautiful rooms (including great showers), drinks, meals, staff, guests, pools, swim up bar, jacuzzi, beachfront property and views all made this the trip we truly needed. Thank you to everyone at Sunset Fisherman!! you made my 35th birthday a DREAM 🙂

Nov 1, 2021 – 162aimeea- Member