Working Towards a Sustainable Future

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Today it is extremely common to hear the word sustainability, which we immediately associate with caring for the environment. These practices must be extended to the of world food production.

In order to promote the consumption of local products and ingredients, Colectivo Maya was created, an initiative of the Pesca con Futuro (Fishing with a Future) program, which is made up of a group of chefs committed to promoting sustainable fishing in the region.

Pesca con Futuro is a movement led by the Mexican Council for the Promotion of Fishery and Aquaculture Products, A.C. (COMEPESCA), which is based on globally accepted and recognized environmental sustainability certifications, standards and purchasing guides. Their objective is to promote sustainability in the fishing sector in order to maintain a healthy balance between the populations of marine species and the demand for seafood.

One of the actions that Pesca con Futuro takes to protect marine populations in our bodies of water is promoting certain types of fish that are raised in fisheries and are certified, which can lower the amount of commercial fishing that is taking place.