The Eco-Bahía Foundation Recognized for its Work

More and more organizations, businesses and citizens are joining the fight for environmental conservation, and their actions motivate others to participate.

The Eco-Bahía Foundation was recently recognized by the Akumal Ecological Center, through its Akumal Cero program, for the great work it has done with the Bahía Príncipe complex in the Riviera Maya.

Their work consists of separating, collecting and properly disposing of the waste that is generated within the complex, which prevents it from reaching the sea and affecting marine species, since they sometimes confuse garbage with food. This is where a chain of contamination begins, and it can be stopped by promoting proper waste management.

The Eco-Bahía Ecological Foundation was created to protect and conserve the Mexican Caribbean’s great natural wealth. Since 1999, it has promoted different conservation programs, including the Program for the Conservation and Maintenance of Areas Natural and Environmental Education, Conservation of Native Flora and the Turtle and Marine Resources Conservation Program, among others.
Akumal Ecological Center, created in 1993, promotes environmental actions to protect Akumal’s flora and fauna. Since 2018, its Akumal Cero program has promoted the proper management of urban and special waste.