An Incredible Discovery Below the Surface

An Incredible Discovery Below the Surface

The underground world never ceases to surprise us, specifically cenotes, the natural wonders that charm us with their beauty and mysticism, qualities that have made them a popular tourist attraction.

In addition to being beautiful natural pools and home to a wide variety of fish, cenotes have also provided valuable information about life on our planet thousands of years ago, since the remains of both animals and humans have been found in the depths.

It is well known that southern Mexico is home to many cenotes, and more are being discovered every day, including the recently discovered cenote north of the city of Mérida, Yucatán. Despite being in an urban area the cenote is in good condition.

It is believed to be the third largest water reservoir that contains caverns in the municipality. It is 28 meters deep and inside there is a cave that is 400 meters long.

The man behind this important finding is speleologist Erick Sosa Rodríguez, who discovered numerous animal and plant species, pieces of pottery, human remains and various marine mammals fossils during his expedition, including a dolphin which is estimated to have lived 20 million years ago.