A Gift from the Sea: Peace of Mind

cancun - water - river calm - the beach - horizon at the beach

Why does the murmur of a river calm us? Why, when we look at the sea, do our pulse and breathing slow down? Why do we associate vacations and fun or relaxation with a day at the beach? Although surely you have an idea why, scientist Wallace J. Nichols has the answers to these questions…

Being close to water produces a feeling of well-being that science has been investigating in great detail for decades. “We are beginning to learn that our brains react positively to water and that being close to it can calm us, increase innovation and retrospection and even heal us,” writes Nichols in his book Blue Mind.

The simplicity of the horizon at the beach (horizontal lines and curves and intense colors) quiets our senses. Less is more and the clean design of this paradise transports us and relaxes us and helps us to feel full of peaceful happiness.

Nichols not only focuses on explaining the science behind these emotions that being close to water produces, he also actively collaborates with governments and non-profit groups to conserve natural environments that facilitate this encounter with nature and this element of peace, water.

Cancún is a good place to begin this therapy of reflection and connection with our environment. How about a beachfront vacation?

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