Vacation Paradise in Mexico at Hacienda Tres Rios


Spending 12 days at HTR in 85-88 degree weather is the ultimate vacation destination for us. We quickly adapt from the Midwest wintry weather to the sunshine, warmth and beauty of a tropical paradise, with outstanding accommodations, delicious cuisine and numerous amenities.
We were greeted by DIANA, our Concierge who arranged activities and dinners for us. And we were so pleased to see JANELLY, GABRIEL and DANIEL again as our Butlers along with CAROLINA’s assistance. They are so fully capable and willing to assist us with all our needs!
A new event this year was the Pairing Dinner experience at Portobello–a six course fabulous dinner, expertly served by SANTOS, ENRIQUE, EDUARDO and DULCI. We’re still talking about how exquisite it was. We were thrilled to be entertained again by CHEF ANGEL at the Hibachi Grill and have a delicious dinner. Brazilian night at Hacienda Grill was another favorite–all their servers are terrific. Dinner at Alebrije is always special and MARICELDA, our server was very attentive.
We enjoy breakfast at Las Casas Islas and often had NEFTALI and CLAUDIO, very efficient servers. Also eating breakfast, lunch and dinner outside at Hacienda Grill always has great selections and ABRIL, the hostess took good care of us as did Servers NEFTALI, JOEL, CLAUDIO and CONCEPCION and FERDINAND at dinner. Of course, NATALY at Il Forno Pizzeria met our needs at lunch. Happy hour drinks at Terrace Lounge were outstanding because of ABSALOM and ROSA’s expertise.
We were so pleased ISAAC was back as Activities Director leading Aquaerobics, Aquagym and Aquazumba along with many other activities. FILIBERTO at the pool bar is so friendly and very diligent and JOAQUIN at the beach was so efficient too.
We loved the renovations made to Kakao Beach with a new gazebo for lounging and swinging over the water is so much fun! Entry into the water is much better, and the beach is vastly improved.
Room service was always timely, and the Porters were welcoming and efficient with our luggage.

Apr 28, 2022 – SJacksonGladstone Member