Sunset marina resort & yacht club has been easy and relaxing as a vacation should be.


Everyone was very welcoming from the front desk to the room service at the end of the night and attentive to our family and didn’t make anything harder then it should be especially in a vacation. employees like Sophia with organizations with the activities and getting people together while playing in the activities, Tadeo making sure Everyone having fun while also playing with us. And also Uriel giving us a ones in a life time experience with an air boat ride while also being a good host talking to us and telling some places that’s has good food and spa spots for the family to experience and since we’re talking about food oscar had on a mask but could always see a smile when serving us food and while eating our food gonzalo was serving us drinks and cleaning up our table with a smile and not bothering us every second if we needed anything. Antonia and sindy have been cleaning our rooms and have made us feel safe during this pandemic because of how the rooms are cleaned and also taking whatever trash and mess their was in the room.

Dec 31, 2021 – Passport01799952580 Member