Great Vacation


When we stay at a resort, or a hotel for that matter, we look for accommodations that are clean, quiet, and comfortable. La Hacienda Tres Rios fits the bill in all regards. Our suite was spacious with all amenities you need. For those that don’t like to live out of their suitcase, closet space was ample with dresser drawers throughout the bedroom.

This wasn’t our first time at the resort. The pandemic has placed some restrictions on the buffet choices but provides a reasonable selection. For noting, the Japanese Restaurant (Kotori) menu has substantially improved with a better selection of rolls, sashimi, and negeri. They have also added a hibachi which seats 10 people which was entertaining. The Mexican Restaurant (Alebrije) has an improved menu with great chicken mole and many more items to choose from. One of the more intimate restaurant atmospheres is in the Italian cuisine, Portobello. Francisco is a top notch server, always friendly and accommodating.

The resort offers activities beyond the typical pool games which we took advantage of such as a tour of their nursery, bike tour of the resort, Segway tour, and our favorite, snorkeling in one of the many cenotes and along one of the three small rivers/creeks that lead to the beach.

The staff was very friendly and willing to fulfill our requests. In particular, Christian did a fabulous job leading us on our nursery tour. He was informative and able to answer all my questions about the various plantings throughout the resort. Giberto from Room Service provided anything we requested in a timely manner, and of course Mireya from Café Paris who made sure my stomach was always filled with my favorite treats: ice cream and arroz con leche. The café was our favorite hangout after a fabulous nightly show in the resort’s amply sized theater. The café has a variety of cookies, pastries and gelato to choose from.

Luis and Edgar, who shuttling our drink requests at the pool, were exceptionally friendly and always willing to stop and chat with us. All waiters at the restaurants were friendly, but worth noting are Berenice, Ishmael, and Concepcion. The staff was consistently trying very hard to please us and get us anything we desired.

The concierge, specifically, Janelly, Daniel, and Gabriel were highly accommodating and helpful. They were always available to tend to our every need and answer any questions, in addition to arranging the mandatory Covid test that is needed in order to fly back to the States. Additionally, restaurant reservations, airline reservations, shuttle services and reserving pool or beach lounges were just another sample of their abilities to make us feel comfortable and at ease.

In summary, Hacienda Tres Rios is a resort that covers all of your needs and then some. It is an eco-friendly place to relax, decompress and refuel.

May 3, 2021 – michaelaR6768LF – Member