Gem in the ocean of huge hotels


Very happy with all the upgrades at Sunset. Fresh paint, new furniture, repurposing the large former sales office (that’s going to be an awesome space). The staff – they are the backbone of the resort, without them and their fantastic personalities, Marina wouldn’t be as fun. Shout out to the bartenders Raul and Mexico, they make the best drinks! Sophia and Ian are so fun, personable and authentic. They have fun doing their jobs and are very creative. The shows and entertainment is new and refreshing!!! Waiters Zacarias and Erick were attentive and did an excellent job. Pamela has done a fantastic job all the way around with upgrading food and service and made a great surprise for a birthday celebration! Carmen, the lifeguard is new but turned out to be so helpful and caring to guests. Omar and Anna are amazing for their massages! Highly recommended. Front desk staff, all were welcoming and very helpful. Negatives: the pool area desperately needs to be redone, it’s breaking, chipping and cracking. It needs new nonslip modern tile. The pool itself is awesome, but could use a refresh on the tiles and better safety to get into the pool. The worst is the pool restrooms. Although nicely remodeled, they do not work properly and were often disgusting. GET THEM FIXED!!!

Apr 2, 2022 – Cindy A Member