Candelaria Day in México

Día de la Candelaria, a Tradition to Enjoy with Family

When it comes to Mexican customs and traditions, Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas Day) should not be missed. It is one of the most deeply rooted and favorite celebrations in Mexico. Día de la Candelaria is celebrated every year on February 2nd. This celebration is commemorated by dressing up a doll, a figure of God or Jesus, and taking it to church to be blessed. After mass, families get together to enjoy tamales. The person who found the baby Jesus figurine in the Rosca de Reyes (a special pastry in the shape of a ring) on January 6th is responsible for buying or making the tamales.

Origen of Día de la Candelaria

The day commemorates the Virgin Mary presenting Jesus in the temple 40 days after his birth. The reason tamales are eaten is because when this celebration began in Mexico during the Spanish colonization, it coincided with planting season, which began on February 2 and was celebrated with a meal in which tamales were the main dish.

Día de la Candelaria in Cancún

Día de la Candelaria is celebrated throughout Mexico, and Sunset World celebrates it with its members and guests, creating special memories of their family vacation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

Activities for the Best Día de la Candelaria in Cancún

As part of the Día de la Candelaria celebration, Sunset World prepares an entertaining activities program for the whole family at its hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.
The program includes fun games, including “guess how many tamales are in the steamer”, relay races on the beach, cooking classes to learn how to make tamales and salsa, shows, and of course, they offer delicious tamales accompanied by atole (a hot drink of Mesoamerican origin made from corn and masa) and hot chocolate so that members and guests have a very happy (and delicious) Día de la Candelaria in México.