Quintana Roo’s Sweet and Healing Honey

Quintana Roo’s Sweet and Healing Honey

Hundreds of years ago, when the Maya built their splendid cities in the Yucatan peninsula, there were no pharmacies, no doctors, no medicines, no hospitals. The health of the rulers, as well as of the most humble residents, were in the hands of men who combined rituals with exhaustive knowledge of plants to heal discomforts.

Pre-Columbian cultures’ world view was very different from ours. They believed that many physical problems were caused by an imbalance between the soul and the body. In fact, there was a medicine, a gift from the gods, that helped restore harmony in the heart, honey.

Mayans believed that the destiny of men and bees was forever united and that bees traveled constantly to heaven to bring back precious honey. There was even a deity that in representations was shown descending from heaven and bringing back a container of honey. Due to these beliefs, the Mayans protected bees.
Even now the Melipona bee, the species endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula with which the Mayans had this close relationship, continues to provide this sweet substance.

What are some mind blowing facts about honey?

The Mayas use it to relieve digestive disorders, circulatory system problems and fevers, and to strengthen the immune system, heal wounds, attend to insect bites and remove spots on the skin. It also effective in the respiratory system for a cough or sore throat, and cures some eye diseases.

Ethos, Farm in the Jungle, a sustainable Sunset World project, works actively with Mayan beekeepers to maintain the traditional production of honey. When you visit one of our resorts, enjoy this gift from the Mayan gods.