In Sunset World we do care water

in sunset world we do care water

Cancún, Quintana Roo – In celebration of World Water Day, which is every year on March 22, Grupo Sunset World solidifies its leadership as a sustainable tourism company, following the example set by its flagship resort, Hacienda Tres Ríos, since its creation in 2008. In order to protect our most valuable resource, water, the hotel was built on 2.8 meters stilt to allow the passage of water between the mangroves.

Roads and platforms are on a permeable base of rock, the hotel uses a desalination plant in order to avoid extracting fresh water from the aquifer, and has a rainwater collection system on the roofs. In addition, since 2014 Grupo Sunset World has successfully carried out the Energy Efficiency and Mitigation to Climate Change Project in its 6 hotels located in Cancún and the Riviera Maya.

This project consisted of implementing high efficiency technologies that considerably reduce the use of electricity, LP gas and C02 emissions into the atmosphere. Actions taken in the hotels include the replacement of traditional luminaires with efficient LED systems, the installation of chillers with high energy efficiency and heat recovery systems that reduce the consumption of LP gas, the replacement of standard mini split type air conditioners by inverter type mini splits, the use of thermostats for the automated control of room temperatures with presence and opening sensors for doors and windows, and the installation of more than 500 solar-thermal panels for heating 58,000 liters of water per day.

Grupo Sunset World has managed to reduce its electricity consumption by 35%, which is equivalent to closing all of its hotels for four months. The use of fuels to heat water decreased by 32%, which is equivalent to not driving 100 cars for a year. In terms of C02, the result has been 32% less emissions, the equivalent of saving 23,000 trees. This makes Grupo Sunset World an example in the tourism sector, representing a sustainable model that protects the environment while improving quality and service for its members and guests.

Grupo Sunset World is a Mexican company and a leader in the hospitality industry, offering authentic and unforgettable vacation experiences in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Sunset World was founded more than 30 years ago and has grown to offer six resorts, world-class travel services, amenities and a diverse network of operational and marketing solutions that focus on providing the best vacation experiences for its members and guests. From cultural excursions to water sports, the members of Sunset World are never far from their next great adventure.