Cancún is a Trusted Brand

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Cancún is still a favorite vacation destination in México, thanks to the fact that the city’s is a safe, reliable destination for its visitors.

This beautiful destination in the Mexican Caribbean was recognized as the most trusted city in the Beach Destination category in the 2020 Trusted Brands awards ceremony held by Selecciones Reader’s Digest magazine in México.

This program recognizes the reliability of various products, services and tourism destinations, as well as entertainment and communication personalities. This year, the 11th awards ceremony was broadcast online for the magazine’s 80th anniversary.

The 2020 edition had 46 categories, 40 in products, services and destinations categories and 6 in personality categories. To select the most reliable brands, a survey is given to the magazine’s subscribers, taking into account quality, image, innovation and price. Winning personalities were chosen according to their commitment, seriousness and passion for their work.