An Exciting Sports Event in Playa del Carmen

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As Quintana Roo continues to recover from the pandemic, it had the privilege of hosting an important sporting event… the third Beach Volleyball Master Festival, which took place in Playa del Carmen with the support of the Municipal Sports Institute.

With an atmosphere of joy and excitement, Playa del Carmen welcomed 40 teams from different countries, including the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Russia, Canada and México. The athletes competed in the following categories: the men’s branch had 12 teams in the 30-year-old category; 10 teams of 40 years and 8 teams of 50 and 60 years of age. There were 10 teams in the women’s branch, which were in the category of more than 30 years of age.

Courts were set up on the beach in front of Fundadores Park, home to the iconic Portal Maya sculpture, which overlooks the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea that characterizes the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

The American, Canadian and Mexican teams were crowned champions of this competition.