A Year of New Projects

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The Mexican Caribbean continues to invest in improvements and create more entertainment options for its residents and visitors. Playa del Carmen, one of the most vibrant destinations in Quintana Roo, has become a favorite of national and foreign tourists, thanks to its beautiful beaches, warm hospitality and wide variety of hotels and restaurants.

Recently the Playa del Carmen Greater Metropolitan Park project resumed. The space, located in the heart of the jungle, will be a place that promotes healthy family activities. It is also the first development of its kind, as it is self-sustaining and open to the public.

It will be located within the Ciudad Mayakoba development on almost ten hectares and will offer sports areas, nature trails, a bicycle path, yoga, a reading and meditation area, a palapa for events, children’s games, a free outdoor forum and cultural and artistic activities.

This important project will allow visitors and residents to be in contact with nature, breathe fresh air and spend time with their families in a natural environment in the Mexican Caribbean.

This year the search for resources to start the project begins.