All Six Sunset World Group Hotels Receive the Distintivo H 2022 Certification

Cancun, Mexico.- In recent days, all 46 restaurants in the six Sunset World Group hotels, Sunset Royal, Hacienda Tres Ríos, Sunset Marina, Sunset Fishermen, Ocean Spa and Laguna Suites, completed the evaluation of the Food Hygiene Management Program implementation by the Mexican Secretariat of Health and Secretariat of Tourism, obtaining the Distintivo H 2022 certification.

That is why on December 21, Sunset World Group held a ceremony in the theater of its Sunset Royal hotel, in which Xóchitl Sánchez from Secretariat of Tourism and M.D. Saúl Sánchez, Food Safety Advisor of the Secretariat of Health bestowed the Distintvo H certificates to the managers of the six hotels, and at the end of the ceremony there was a cocktail for all attendees.

Distintivo H is a recognition granted annually by the Secretariat of Tourism and the Secretariat of Health to food and beverage establishments that meet the high hygiene standards established by the Mexican Standard NMX-F-605-NORMEX-2018, for which the staff of these establishments receive constant training.

Said training includes a series of recommendations and techniques for reception, washing, disinfection, cleaning, storage, freezing, refrigeration, thawing and personal hygiene as a process of continuous improvement. At the end of the training, the Secretariat of Tourism and the Secretariat of Health carry out an evaluation in which each hotel must comply with at least 90% of the 13 criteria that are taken into account.

“Obtaining the Distintivo H is not only an honor but also an obligation in which all of us at Sunset World Group place great emphasis,” said Martha Richardson, Corporate Director of Operations at Sunset World Group. “Distintivo H is a seal of guarantee of health and hygiene so that our members and guests can enjoy our flavors comfortably,” she concluded.

Sunset World Group is a Mexican family business founded by some of the pioneers of Cancun who helped turn it into the most sought-after tourist destination worldwide. Sunset World Group has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a sincere passion for environmental conservation, which is why it implemented an Energy Efficiency Program by substituting supply technologies in its six hotels in Cancun and The Riviera Maya. In addition, as of February 2020, all Sunset World hotels are supplied with clean and renewable energy produced at Mexican wind farms and geothermal plants, which has considerably reduced the company’s carbon footprint. The activity and gastronomy programs in all six hotels were recently updated and expanded for the enjoyment of all family members, since Sunset World Group always focuses on providing the best vacation experiences for its members and guests.