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You have sweated, worked out, avoided those bad calories, taken care of yourself, and sacrificed all to show off your fantastic body in that yellow polka-dot bikini for your Caribbean vacation.

Your only responsibility now is to relax, have fun, and enjoy to your heart’s content. Right?
Or not. Perhaps you are concerned that all of that relaxing, eating and drinking may cause you to gain a few pounds during your trip. Don’t worry, there are many fun vacation activities that can help you to stay healthy and maintain your figure, and with just a little effort you can minimize the damage all that indulging can do.
Here are some tips to ensure that that itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie bikini body will stay like that even to your return home.

Stay Active!

We’re not suggesting following your strict workout routine, but even on vacation, take a break from all those beach bed naps and go explore the area, hit the gym facilities, go swimming, and have fun while staying active.

Most resort gyms include treadmills, weights, and elliptical machines. Watch television, listen to your mp3 player, or just imagine all the extra pancakes you can now eat at breakfast. You can also try going for a run on the beach. Doing anything but sunbathing on the beach is strenuous. Sand adds resistance to each activity and increases your calorie expenditure. You might even make some new friends playing volleyball with the other guests.

Explore the resort’s activities such as bicycle tours, nature walks, snorkeling, and kayaking. Both swimming and kayaking are fantastic aerobic exercises. They are also a great workout for your arms, shoulders and back. Biking and hiking are great cardiovascular exercises and are fun and safe for the whole family

Enjoy yourself but in moderation

With so many restaurant options at all-inclusive resorts, it is easy to plan just what you want to eat. If it’s a buffet restaurant, be sure to walk around first, and then serve yourself what you want to try.

Also, most people forget how caloric cocktails can be and how they can easily make you gain a few pounds. Opt for simpler alcoholic beverages with the least number of calories. You can still treat yourself to a strawberry daiquiri, but don’t make it your “usual” for the week.

Drink plenty of water

This will also help you from becoming dehydrated from the sun. We’re more prone to forget about our daily intake of water when we’re on vacation. When vacationing in warmer climates, it is recommended that you drink more water than you do at home! Keep a water bottle in your bag and nearby. Dehydration tends to weaken the body, leaving you susceptible to catching a bug. It can also confuse your body into thinking its hungry when you’re just thirsty.

One last thing…

Enjoy and relax, you’re still on vacation after all.