4 Tips For Traveling to Mexico with a Baby

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Can you take a vacation with a baby? In a word, yes! It may seem impossible but traveling with a baby can be surprisingly easy. A baby can fly immediately after birth, but many doctors recommend waiting until your child is 2 to 3 months old, when their immune system is more developed. After that, planning is key. If you plan well and pack well, your vacation with your baby is sure to go smoothly.

1. Research the Resort

Do they supply cribs? Can they send you a picture? You will want to make sure the crib meet safety standards because many countries don’t have these kind of safety regulations. Do they have a babysitting program? A kid’s club for your older children? How about a children’s pool and pool toys?

2. Make a List

You can find many “traveling with a baby” printable checklists on the internet which you can adapt to you and your baby’s needs. Make sure to bring enough diapers, wipes, formula and baby food for the first couple of days and when you arrive at your resort you can arrange a trip to a local supermarket.

3. Speak to the Airline

A few airlines have stopped gate checking large strollers, so make sure to check which strollers your airline will accept. Most airlines will let passengers check car seats for free, so bring yours along in case you are lucky enough to have an empty seat next to yours, and then you can strap your baby into his/her car seat for the flight.

4. Get Everyone’s Paperwork in Order

Everyone now needs a passport to travel to another country, even your baby. Many countries offer passports for babies that will be valid for 5 years. Make sure that nobody’s passport is expired or will expire before the end of your vacation. Just in case someone loses their passport, make copies of all of them and bring the copies with you but keep them separate from the originals.

If you plan well, you will have a fun and relaxing vacation with your whole family, including your new baby.