Tea-rapy: Find Balance with Tea, Spa and Meditation Sessions

Modern spas are specialized wellness centers that include various elements such as hydromassage, sauna, steam room, therapeutic massage cabins, relaxing room and others. But there are also very subtle elements that help relax the body and mind, facilitating a healing energy reconnection. We are talking about meditation and tea.

Benefits of Tea and Meditation in the Spa

Once you arrive at a spa, it is common to find a small self-service tea station at the reception. In addition to being a fine detail, the purpose is for you to relax upon arrival. Welcome teas are usually fruity or floral infusions that do not contain theine, as it would produce the opposite effect to the desired one. Whichever service or procedure you choose, it is advisable to drink as much tea or infusion as possible during the process to stay hydrated and relaxed.

In the same way, practicing meditation during the process will improve the results. When we talk about meditation we mean disconnecting the mind from routine and the outside world. Learning a meditative technique beforehand would be ideal, but if you haven’t, just make a small effort to leave your mind blank, or imagine that you are in a place where you have been immensely happy.

Types of Tea or Infusion to Relax

As we mentioned before, the first condition for a tea or infusion to be relaxing is that it does not contain theine. So our options are:

  • Chamomile: contains natural sedatives.
  • Lavender: known for its relaxing fragrance.
  • Valerian: it is a natural tranquilizer.
  • Lemongrass: has relaxing and calming properties.
  • Passionflower: has sedative and antispasmodic properties

In addition, all of these teas or infusions have such an immediate skin revitalizing effect that you
will be surprised.