United for Less Plastic

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The state of Quintana Roo reaffirms its commitment to ocean conservation by collaborating with the OLAS program, which promotes actions to keep oceans plastic free.
The OLAS program began its work in 2018 in collaboration with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development. In addition, the Benito Juárez and Tulum municipal governments were added.

As part of the program, the “Quintana Roo Practical Guide for the reduction of unnecessary plastics in the hotel and tourism sector” was developed. It was the result of joint work among the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment, the Association of Hotels in Cancún, Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos, the Fund for Environmental Education organization and a group of hotel chains where the guide was tested.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment have made this guide available to hotels, which is a useful tool that helps them to better manage their waste and reduce the generation of disposable plastic waste. This also results in a reduction in operating costs.

Mexico is just one of the countries in which the OLAS program has been implemented, specifically in the state of Quintana Roo. Other countries that participate in these initiatives are Egypt, Morocco and the Philippines.