Bacalar, Home to Stromatolites

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National Stromatolites Day was celebrated on July 15. Have you ever heard about them? Well, they are one of the oldest forms of life on earth and you can find them in the Mexican Caribbean.

Stromatolites are mineral structures that look a lot like rocks, and due to their appearance, it can be difficult to believe that they are living beings. They have existed for approximately 3,500 million years. They were formed due to bacteria activity and their living part is found in the first five centimeters of their surface.

The Mexican Caribbean is home to countless species of flora and fauna, and it also has the largest stromatolite reef in the world located in Bacalar’s lagoon. These ancient living organisms grow along the shores of the lagoon and among the mangrove roots. They are exceptionally fragile and can be easily damaged. It is very important to take care of them since it can take them hundreds of years to recover.

An interesting fact is that. besides being an ancient form of life, stromatolites create much of the oxygen we breathe.

To admire this wonder of nature in person, plan your next trip to Bacalar, but remember, take care of them and do not touch or step on them. It is very important to preserve the natural beauties that make the Mexican Caribbean a true paradise.