SenseAdventure, the Emotional Experience in Tres Ríos Nature Park, Celebrates 22 Years

Riviera Maya, Mexico – SenseAdventure turns 22 on April 2 and continues to offer an amazing experience to Sunset World Group members and guests in Tres Ríos Nature Park. This journey through the senses was created and continues to be guided by Gerardo Mago, taking participants through a magical world where they discover nature through their emotions and sharing the experience with other participants.

SenseAdventure is constantly evolving, always offering a renewed and adapted experience while following all protocols recommended by health authorities. Blindfolded participants experience the tour through touch, smell, taste and hearing… the feeling of seeds, the coolness of water, the heat of fire, the smell of flowers, the hardness of rocks… the heartbeat of the group and of Earth.

SenseAdventure takes place in a controlled environment in Tres Ríos Nature Park, surrounded by jungle, cenotes, rivers, fauna and flora. “SenseAdventure is a jewel that I have polished for many years. The pandemic gave me the opportunity to make it shine,” said Gerardo Mago, SenseAdventure Guide. “After all, it is a journey of acceptance and adaptation that strengthens our sense of belonging to nature, something very necessary these days,” he concluded.

Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Tres Ríos Nature Park and its attractions are located on 132 hectares of well-preserved tropical forest, where three freshwater rivers flow. There are also ten cenotes and more than 90 species of animals and 120 species of plants. As one of the privately owned natural treasures in the Riviera Maya, Tres Ríos is governed by strict environmental regulations, following a sustainable tourism model which regulates all development on the property.

SenseAdventure, the Emotional Experience in Tres Ríos Nature Park, Celebrates 22 Years

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