Sense Adventure Celebrates 24 Years of Being One of the Most Searched For and Praised Activities in Tres Ríos Natural Park

Riviera Maya, Mexico.- Last April 2, Sense Adventure celebrated its 24th birthday by carrying out special activities such as a guided Buddhist meditation and a gratitude ceremony inspired by shamanic traditions. In addition, Sunset World Group offered a charming cocktail celebrating the fact that throughout all these years Sense Advenure has been and continues to be a surprising experience for the group’s members and guests in its Tres Ríos Natural Park in the Riviera Maya.

Sense Adventure is a wonderful journey of internalization and expression in which participants contact their emotions and share them with their companions. Whoever participates in this activity experiments with their senses in a new way, blindfolded, through touch, smell, taste and hearing. The group becomes a tribe and the world becomes a home. It is an experience that everyone talks about, even the participants who have carried it out for the second or third time, since it is constantly evolving, always offering a renewed and renewing ritual.

Sense Adventure takes place within the Tres Ríos Natural Park, surrounded by the jungle, cenotes, rivers, fauna and flora. “Sense Adventure is an experience that I have created and transformed for many years,” declared Gerardo Mago, Sense Adventure guide. “For me it is a journey of adaptation and acceptance that strengthens our sense of belonging,” he concluded.

Tres Ríos Natural Park is a lush paradise that covers more than 805 acres with 3 different ecosystems: jungle, mangroves and coastal dunes. Named for its three freshwater rivers, in Tres Ríos you can find more than 90 species of animals and 120 species of plants, cenotes, a nursery of endemic plants and natural conservation areas. Being a privately owned natural treasure in the Riviera Maya, Tres Ríos follows strict guidelines and an environmental policy based on a sustainable tourism model that regulates the development of the property.

Sunset World Group is a Mexican family business founded by some of the pioneers of Cancun who helped turn it into the most sought-after tourist destination worldwide. Sunset World Group has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a sincere passion for environmental conservation, which is why it implemented an Energy Efficiency Program by substituting supply technologies in its six hotels in Cancun and The Riviera Maya. In addition, all Sunset World hotels are supplied with clean and renewable energy produced at Mexican wind farms and geothermal plants, which has considerably reduced the company’s carbon footprint. The activity and gastronomy programs in all six hotels are updated and expanded constantly for the enjoyment of all family members, since Sunset World Group always focuses on providing the best vacation experiences for its members and guests.