Wonderful Stay


This an amazingly beautiful resort made even better by the wonderful staff. I am sure I will miss someone but I will try to name all who made our visit spectacular.

Miryena in the coffee
Rosy in the spa
Cesar at the sports bar
Adolfo at the sports bar
Mariana pool/sports bar
Victor at the Pool
Gabriel/ Janelle/ Daniel, our Butler’s
Alma in the coffee shop
Reyna in Sales
Roberto on the Segway tour
Emmanuel in the Italian Restaurant and at the Mexican show…..Ask him for a wine list and he deliver!

All were friendly, kind and extremely helpful. They always greeted us with smiles and consistently went above and beyond to make sure our visit was the best it could be.

If there is a downside, it is the no see um’s on the La Herencia Beach, It is amazingly beautiful and placed between 2 of the senote rivers. I live with them in Florida too but if you want to enjoy this area bring some bug spray (avon skin so soft works well) and enjoy the views!

Can’t wait to go back!