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Vacationing at Sunset World is transformative. We cover all aspects of our members and guests’ vacation experiences, including our transformation into a green company some years ago, for the benefit of the environment, our members, guests and community. Our sustainable practices are the consequence of our desire to preserve our precious natural resources and home. Our main objective is to be leaders in sustainable tourism development, in harmony with the environment, local society, culture and economy.


Sunset Green World is the brand under which Sunset World showcases its environmental preservation, restoration and development. Our commitment ranges from small actions like lighting torches at our resorts to support Earth Hour, a yearly global event held to draw attention to the importance of energy savings, to large-scale sustainable developments that don’t impact our natural surroundings. Our approach is to use resources sparingly, protect valuable ecosystems and adhere to rigorous sustainable practices.


In August 2014 Sunset World launched an Energy Efficiency Program to reduce its carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency by upgrading air conditioning systems, water heaters and LED lighting in our six hotels.


These sustainable actions consisted of 3 stages:

Step 1

1) Identification. The operational and technology points where energy waste was detected.

Step 1

2)Implementation.Technologies were replaced and processes that caused unnecessary energy consumption and emission of pollutants were changed.

Step 1

3) Annual measurement of results.


Reducing the consumption of electrical energy and fuels and the release of C02 emissions into the atmosphere has measurable benefits for the environment, the community where we operate and our members and guests.


Sunset World continuously looks for ways to take care of the environment and reduce its carbon footprint, so it made an agreement with a Mexican company that produces energy with wind farms and thermoelectric plants. Since February 2020 60% of the energy that the hotels consume comes from a clean, renewable source.


Sunset World avoids emitting 6,984 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. As a reference, 1 ton of C02 released into the atmosphere is equivalent to the jet fuel consumed by a plane on a round trip flight between Madrid and New York.


Sunset World has also launched and celebrated major events showcasing our culture, traditions and natural resources, including: Annual Sea Turtle Release, the Earth Hour, Hacienda Tres Ríos Triathlon, Mayan-Tibetan Cultural Encounter 2011-2012, Sunset Boat Parade (Christmas), Sunset World Pop Culture Fest 2013, World Environment Day, World Water Day, World Wetlands Day.


Taking a vacation in Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences is transforming. We cover every aspect of a vacation experience for every guest, however nothing has been more transforming than becoming a green company in order to benefit the environment, our Members and our community. Sustainable development practices are a natural consequence of our concern to preserving our precious natural resources and the environment, our homeland. In the center of our long-term vision we want to be the leaders in developing tourism in harmony with the environment, the society, culture and local economy. Under the Sunset Green World signature, Sunset World communicates the actions being taken to preserve, restore and develop in harmony with our environment.


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