Sunset Gives You a Taste of Mexico

Mexico’s cuisine is undoubtedly one of its greatest riches. Its dishes are recognized all over the globe for its variety of ingredients and exquisite flavors, which is why it was named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The mixture of local ingredients with those that the Spaniards introduced upon their arrival to Mexico resulted in a rich and varied gastronomy, giving rise to delicacies including mole, cochinita pibil, chiles en nogada, el pipián, among many others. Mexican cuisine also offers delectable drinks and desserts, from atoles to tequila and traditional candies.

At Sunset World we recognize that Mexican cuisine is a national treasure. This year we began paying tribute to it in a very special way, with our gastronomic festivals, “Sabores de México” and “Así Sabe México”, at Hacienda Tres Ríos and Sunset Royal hotels respectively. We dedicate the last week of each month to one state’s cuisine. We started the year with specialties from the state of Yucatan. The next two states will be Baja California and Campeche.

This festival aims to share Mexico’s gastronomic wealth with our members and guests, giving them the opportunity to learn what each state has to offer, and giving their vacation the flavor that only Mexico can.