February: Month of Traditions and Lots of Love

February: Month of Traditions and Lots of Love

February is a great month for planning the perfect beach vacation, either with family, friends or a romantic getaway and celebrate Valentine´s Day.

In addition to beach days, sun and relaxation, Sunset World hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer a wide array of activities for members and guests to enjoy their vacation to the fullest, and if a special date takes place during their stay, the fun is multiplied.

Candlemas Day
Such was the case of the traditional Candlemas Day, which we celebrate in Mexico on February 2, when it is a tradition to get together with family or friends to eat tamales. This Mexican tradition did not go unnoticed at Sunset World hotels, and a series of fun tamale-themed activities were held, such as contests and games, and of course, tamale tastings accompanied by the traditional drinks for this special celebration: atole and hot chocolate.

Valentine´s Day or Day of Love and Friendship
The fun continued with the celebration of Valentine´s Day (also known in Mexico as the Day of Love and Friendship), in which members and guests enjoyed fun family activities, Cupid was present and entertaining games and contests for couples were held around the pool area and the beach, they also participated in cocktail and snack tastings, and children made incredible Valentine´s handcrafts.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a memorable vacation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, discover what Sunset World hotels have for you and don´t miss out on the fun.