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Sunset World, Preserving Mayan Agriculture

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  • Ethos, Granja en la Selva (Farm in the Jungle) preserves Mayan farming techniques.


  • The project seeks to make the best use of the land by understanding its production rhythm to optimize it without over farming it.


  • Production and income figures reveal a 15% growth in production at Ethos, Granja en la Selva.


Cancún, Quintana Roo, June 12, 2018. Just 20 years ago the dream of returning to the origins of Mayan farming without abandoning modern advances was born in a remote jungle site on the Yucatán Peninsula. “La Ilusión” is the name of the ranch where the fruits and vegetables that Grupo Sunset World guests and members enjoy in the hotels’ restaurants are grown, and where Ethos, Granja en la Selva, is now an ambitious self-sustainable project.


Ethos’ results have been pleasantly surprising. The farm has made it possible to offer Grupo Sunset World guests and members the “Farm to the Table” experience. This way there is more control of the quality of the products and a local economic spillover, allowing money to reach the families in the region. This successful business vision was created by the engineer Orlando Arroyo Marroquín, director of Grupo Sunset World.


One of Ethos, Granja en la Selva’s greatest successes has been the preservation of ancient Mayan farming techniques used by communities throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. Some of these techniques include:


  • Production of biofertilizers with techniques that use local supplies.
  • • Creation of non-toxic pest controls with rock dust and minerals.
  • • Using “pockets”, designed by the Maya, which take advantage of gaps in the limestone rocks, since the soil on the peninsula is not arable. This is also a way to make natural pots for plants, so moisture is retained, and plowing is not required (the hole is opened with a pick).
  • • Cultivating only regional produce, including papaya, limes, pineapple, melon, watermelon, tomato, green tomato, eggplant, cucumber, nopal, different types of pumpkin and habanero pepper.


Ethos provides employment to members of Mayan communities because it values their knowledge of the land and its production cycles. It also trains them in new practices and / or technologies such as:


  • Hydroponics, which is the cultivation of plants without using soil. The roots receive nutrients and minerals diluted in water, or using gravel, sand or pumice.
  • • Solar panels and energy storage.
  • • Dripping and sprinkling irrigation.
  • • The application of techniques already used at other sites, but with local supplies. An example is bocashi, a fermented material that is used to help the soil generate life.


With Ethos, Granja en la Selva, Grupo Sunset World solidifies its commitment to the environment with a self-sustaining community project, in which our ancestors’ knowledge is valued and enriched by technological advances.


In numbers:




Harvested kilograms 198, 241

Flowers (pieces) 169, 914

Earnings (millions of pesos) 7,034,197




Harvested kilograms 239,343 (17.2% más que en 2016)

Flowers (pieces) 197,308 (14% más que en 2016)

Earnings (millions of pesos) 8,015,213 (12% más que en 2016)


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