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The Beloved Golden Years Club for Seniors: A Cause Very Close to Grupo Sunset World’s Heart

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For many years, families have moved to Cancun to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. However, this hectic city’s lifestyle often wreaks havoc on traditional Mexican families. While both parents work all day and children go to school, grandparents are left alone at home, feeling useless and abandoned. This is why Angelita Marroquín, Grupo Sunset World CEO Orlando Arroyo’s mother, founded The Golden Years Club for Seniors.


Since 1992, The Golden Years Club for Seniors has supported Cancun families, giving older adults a voice and a sense of belonging. The club offers activities like singing, acting, dancing, sports, languages, computers and crafts. Many even participate in the annual talent show hosted by Sunset World. Club members vote to choose the winners and the prizes are stays donated by the same hotel group. The Golden Years Club has been able to raise funds for its daily operations through donations, small sales and bazaars organized mainly by the club itself.


Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the club had to close, and during this time it was vandalized on five occasions. Electrical equipment, doors and windows were stolen. In addition, two hurricanes in October 2020 did further damage. The condition the club is in makes it impossible to resume operations. If the damages cannot be repaired soon, the beloved Golden Years Club for Seniors will have to close its doors forever.


Grupo Sunset World has donated construction materials, furniture, linens and labor, but it has not been enough, so the hotel group is launching a campaign to ask for cash or material donations to repair the club’s facilities, so our grandparents can return to a safe environment after they are vaccinated. Unfortunately, social isolation can cause cognitive decline, depression and anxiety in seniors.


If you can and want to support this worthy cause, please donate cash at If you wish to donate materials, please contact Beatriz Eugenia Esquivel y Ancona at 998 884 9496 or 998 577 4472 or by writing an email to The members of the Golden Years Club for Seniors thank you with all their hearts.

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