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Sunset World Group’s First Hotel, Sunset Royal Beach Resort, Celebrates Its 27th Anniversary


Cancun, Mexico Today, October 29, 2021, Sunset Royal Beach Resort is celebrating its 27th anniversary in the best way. In order to offer members and guests more comfortable, attractive, modern facilities, renovations are taking place throughout the hotel. Sunset World Group plans to finish the renovations in December, and start high season on the right foot.

Sunset World Group reiterates its firm commitment to offering its members and guests incredible vacation experiences and updating facilities and services to adapt to the constantly evolving tourism sector. Due to its impeccable service, excellent location, comfortable facilities, spectacular white sand beach and turquoise Caribbean Sea, Sunset Royal is one of the Group’s top resorts.

“We have decided to complete important renovation during low season so our members and guests that visit us during this time are affected as little as possible,” said Martha Richardson, Sunset World Group Corporate Director of Operations. “This is why the work is done between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, when most of them are at the beach, pool, or out enjoying the destination,” she concluded.

Resting on the shores of a beautiful white sand beach in Mexico’s Caribbean with charming views of the Cancun skyline, Sunset Royal offers fine entertainment and activities for the whole family all throughout the day and well into the evening. Sunset Royal’s excellent location provides convenient access to the best in travel entertainment, nightclubs, restaurants, as well as shopping. The all-inclusive plan gives you the opportunity to enjoy exquisite international cuisine, premium beverages and activities at both Sunset Royal and Sunset Marina resorts. Ground transportation between our Cancún resorts and hotels, as well as water transportation to and from Sunset Marina, is also provided.

Sunset World Group is a family-owned Mexican company and a leader in the hospitality industry, offering authentic and unforgettable vacation experiences in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. It was founded more than 30 years ago and has grown to offer six resorts, world-class travel services, amenities and a diverse network of operational and marketing solutions that focus on providing the best vacation experiences for its Members and guests. From cultural excursions to water sports, the Members of Sunset World are never far from their next great adventure.





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