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Grupo Sunset World: Leader in Social Responsibility for More Than Three Decades

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Cancún- Since it was founded more than 30 years ago, Sunset World Group has worked towards having a positive impact in the local community. “Our founders were pioneers in Cancún and established strong ties with people who, like them, came looking for new opportunities,” says Orlando Arroyo, CEO of Sunset World Group, adding, “Over the years we have remained focused on social development, first through our employees and their families, then with organizations that share our vision.”


Sunset World Group has worked with System for Integral Family Development (DIF), the Aitana Foundation for children with cancer, the H. Fire Department of Cancun, the Golden Years Club and the Send Me on Vacation Foundation in the United States, which supports survivors of breast cancer, and supports the National Program for the Protection of Sea Turtles.


Activities included donating towels and bedding, organizing fundraising events, donating vacation certificates, constructing pens for sea turtle eggs and releasing baby turtles.


“These actions send powerful messages and have a lasting impact,” says Annie Arroyo, Sunset World Group Director of Branding and Communication, adding: “Our employees are trained and constantly participate in the aforementioned programs, becoming promoters of social responsibility, sharing their experience and involving their coworkers, their family and their community. “


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