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Training, a Key Word in the Cancún Hotel Industry

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Prevention and process standardization are the primary training programs in resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

·         Grupo Sunset World employees receive courses, workshops and sessions in excellence in service and contingency plans.


Cancún, Quintana Roo – Perhaps more than in any other industry, hospitality requires the constant training of employees, not only to achieve excellence in service and the full satisfaction of each visitor, but also to standardize processes and be ready for unforeseen events.


Cancun and the Riviera Maya are internationally known destinations and demand constant evolution. They must meet the standards of various authorities, including the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and many others, including private organizations that certify or recognize standards of sustainability, energy savings or tourism.


At Grupo Sunset World’s six properties, all employees receive constant training for hygienic food handling (Sectur Distinctive H), modern and efficient practices (Sectur Distinctive M), safe handling of cleaning chemicals, environmental conservation (Green Globe Certification) and excellence in service (RCI, TripAdvisor). They also receive constant training to deal with unforeseen events.

Training is a company investment that generates a benefit for employees and a better experience for guests and Grupo Sunset World members.


An example of an unforeseen event is a hurricane. Due to its geographical location, the Mexican Caribbean is susceptible to these meteorological phenomena. Federal, state and municipal authorities work together when the threat of a hurricane arises. Protocols are activated according to the level of danger, and each resort has its own procedures manual.


Though we know about a hurricane a few days before it strikes, at Grupo Sunset World, the preventive action program lasts several months. The detailed plan to keep guests and employees safe includes the assessment of the infrastructure of each resort, maintenance, provision of emergency supplies, aid agreements, information, guest security, communication with the authorities and, of course, staff training.


Although Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort, Sunset Fishermen Beach Resort, Sunset Royal Beach Resort, Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club, Laguna Suites Golf & Spa and Ocean Spa Hotel all have their own procedures manual for emergency situations, it is important to highlight the work done in conjunction with the authorities. Cancun and the Riviera Maya have formed a network of communication and assistance to protect their visitors and maintain order in the most important vacation destination in Latin America. The training of all industry employees is fundamental.




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Grupo Sunset World es una empresa mexicana líder en la industria de la hospitalidad, que ofrece experiencias vacacionales auténticas e inolvidables en Cancún y la Riviera Maya. Sunset World fue fundada hace más de 30 años y ha crecido hasta ofrecer seis resorts, servicios de viajes de clase mundial, amenidades y una red diversa de soluciones operativas y de mercadotecnia enfocadas a proveer las mejores experiencias vacacionales para sus socios y huéspedes. Desde excursiones culturales hasta deportes acuáticos, los socios de Sunset World nunca están lejos de su próxima gran aventura.


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