Happy Día de la Madre (Mother’s Day) 2023!

Mother´s Day is an international celebration, since, according to the UN, Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries. While in the United States it is held annually on the second Sunday of May, in Mexico it’s celebrated every May 10 and is one of the most celebrated days.

Despite not being observed as an official holiday, families get together to celebrate, children participate in school festivals, and people buy gifts to show their unconditional love and gratitude for that special woman.


What is the origin of Mother´s Day in Mexico?

One of the versions of its origin in Mexico dates to 1922, when the Secretary of Education José Vasconcelos and the journalist Rafael Alducín, considered it necessary to institute a day to pay tribute to mothers and, on April 13, 1922, the journalist launched a call on the front page of the newspaper requesting the government to institutionalize one day a year to pay tribute to Mexican mothers.

On the other hand, and in accordance with the deep-rooted religious tradition in Mexico, May was chosen because it is the month consecrated to the Virgin Mary, and because at that time, salaries were paid on the tenth, thus establishing May 10 as Mother’s Day in Mexico.

Due to the popularity of the date, on May 10, 1949, a monument in honor of mothers and motherhood was erected in Mexico City, in the Art Garden and has a plaque with the following inscription “To the one who loved us before knowing us;” and in Cancún, there are two monuments honoring mothers.


Mexican Traditions to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Showing love and gratitude to our mother should be an everyday thing, but to pamper her in a special way during this day, in Mexico a series of traditions are carried out, such as serenading her with mariachis, buying her flowers and getting together for a family meal.

Today, there are many ways to celebrate your mother: you can make her breakfast or her favorite dessert, take her to her favorite restaurant, even surprise her with a trip; or simply spend some time with her.

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