We want to inform you that Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences no longer has any relationship with VACATION UNLIMITED and VIP TRAVEL CLUB. These companies no longer have Sunset World inventory and cannot sell our rooms.



To convince you, these companies will offer reservations at lower cost and to waive your maintenance fees, sell your membership, rent your weeks, etc. Please don’t be caught off guard. We recommend that you don’t make any deposits and request all information in writing to help us to take action.



At Sunset World we will always honor your membership. Reservations can be made directly through Sunset World at the following numbers:

MÉXICO 01 (800) 262 9648

USA & CAN 1 (866) 760 1842

RESTO DEL MUNDO + 52 (998) 881 8750



For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

MÉXICO 01-800-262-8964

USA & CAN 1-800-906-4396

RESTO DEL MUNDO + 52 (998) 881-8750



Member Services

MÉXICO 01 (800) 159 4902

USA & CAN 1 (866) 377 4890

RESTO DEL MUNDO + 52 (998) 881 8750



Remember that Sunset World protects your personal data and does NOT authorize any company to negotiate with our partners as an intermediary.