It was 6 years ago that Boyan Slat, a young man of Dutch origin, came up with a way to eliminate the garbage that has been dumped into the sea for decades, which now forms five large islands of garbage, mostly plastic, in the oceans. “Why go get the garbage when it can be brought to us?” He asked, while participating in a diving session in Greece, during which he saw more garbage than fish.


Slat has spent years designing a resolution that could be our only hope. A kind of net, in the form of Pac Man, or a horizontal “u”, which moves with the waves and wind and collects waste without harming marine life.
This young man, now 22 years old, leads a team of 80 researchers of varied disciplines, who analyze the behavior of oceans and garbage. Just last January the prototype was returned to Hawaii for a second time, since during the first release it failed to collect garbage.


Despite this hiccup, for many environmentalists, the project known as The Ocean Cleanup, is perhaps the most realistic and advanced solution to solve the issue of garbage at sea. They hope that, after the cycles of trial and error, a functional prototype, that will collect all the garbage that now serves as deadly food to the fish and mammals that inhabit the sea, will be produced.


Meanwhile, those of us who live in large cities must become more aware of our consumption habits to avoid producing more garbage, so we can enjoy a clean planet. Learn about what Sunset World Group does every day to contribute to the task of preserving our environment in Sunset Green World.
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